I've had a lot of help along the way. I'd like to thank Megan Guarnier, Beth Newell Hernandez, and Shelley Olds for their time. They've fit me in during busy schedules and put up with my many questions. A bunch of other folks have helped pull pieces together.

  • Producer - My brother Jon Burns (aka @wtfkits) s my online producer and general sanity checker
  • Editors - Ed Burns and Drew Juiliano both provided much needed editorial guidance
  • Ad Hoc - Several folks, Annie Rosemurgy, Billy Crane, Bill Thornton and Matt Beebe helped with insights and ideas at different points. 
  • Family - My wife Caitlin has listened to me ramble on about bike races and my daughter Myrna has watched and read most of what I have put together. Ned and my mom Jean Burns are my biggest fans - it is important to have diehard supporters. Mike and Terri Watters put me up during trips to California, lent me their car, and even camera equipment, at different times. 
  • Photos - Ethan Glading, a great sports photographer out of Chicago, provided several original shots of Guarnier and Olds. Additional photos/permissions were provided by teams & riders. We also used Google image search to locate several photos provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license or in the public domain. Please contact for any usage or attribution corrections. 
  • Professional Opportunities - I've been lucky to actually get paid work while covering cycling. I'm forever grateful to Laura Weislo, Neal Rogers, Andrew Juiliano, Michael Hernandez, and Pat Malach who have all provided excellent guidance and feedback when working for them (whether they realize it or not.)