I don't even remember the exact impetus that inspired me to start filming Megan Guarnier, Shelley Olds, and Beth Newell Hernandez in 2013. I do know I wanted to write a story about women's cycling for my daughter Myrna who asks me every year why there isn't a women's Tour de France.

Every. Year.

She's now 11 and started asking me about a women's TdF the first time watched it with her. She was four years old. And so, every year I have to explain why there isn't a women's TdF. I just had to do it for the seventh time last week. I'm mostly worried she's about to accept this as fact, rather than continue questioning it. Since she first asked me about it so long ago she's clued in to the importance of the Olympics for women athletes. 

I originally envisioned this as a video documentary, but I realized there were parts of the story I wanted to write about - and a few spots that I thought could be filled in with audio clips I had collected. I also couldn't stop thinking about the NYT piece Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek which pulled together all kinds of different assets. As a former AOL online producer I thought the format and content were brilliant. So, I figured I'd try to do a low budget version of Snow Fall based on video I had filmed at various intervals, and interviews I conducted through the years while working for for Cyclingnews, Velo, Road Magazine and NorCal Cycling News.

This is a 'spare time' type of project so the timing of each release is subject to the demands of day job, assignments and family. I'm not sure what it will actually end up being... I just hope it helps generate some excitement about women's cycling (which I personally think is a huge bright spot in the cycling world,) the athletes in the story and the life they have chosen to lead. 

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