What's next...

This project is organic so I'm always changing my mind which sections of video, supporting articles, and audio I want to layer in next. One challenge is that the 'live' element keeps changing priority. Here is the basic outline and target release dates. 

  • Release 1: Introduction (July)
    • Is the first four "Chapters. Basically it introduces the premise of the project, the athletes and some background
  • Release 2: Mega & The Selection (July)
    • I started filming Megan Guarnier in 2013 and was able to catch up with her as her success grew. I also spoke with each athlete about the selection criteria. These sections will likely be mostly video, and I plan to lay out my own thoughts on the current selection process. I'm shooting for end of July. Fingers crossed:)
  • Release 3: The Queen Stage  & Shelley Olds (August)
    • This part of the story is a bit of a tangent. I first interviewed Shelley Olds for a story I was working on in 2009. The race and its participants blew me away and changed the way I saw cycling. This will probably be mostly long form article with one or two short podcast/radio spots. 
  • Release 4: The Olympic Journey and Beth Newell Hernandez (August/Sept)
    • BNH was always an outside shot to make the Olympics but she came so close. I'm not sure she always enjoyed the journey but sometimes we only can appreciate our accomplishments with hindsight. This will be a mix of video and written content.
  • Release 5: Short Documentary (Fall)
    • Once the four sections are out I hope to consolidate the interviews into a short 15-20 minute documentary which I'll make available on Vimeo & YouTube. 

So.. that's the plan, which brings to mind a quote I saw at a museum in Normandy recently. 

I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.
— Dwight D. Eisenhower